Sunday, April 6, 2014

Getting Out Of Town

Local psychopath at large
I can't believe I was out of chicken food again. My shopping list keeps getting shorter and shorter, but some things you can't get without a 60-mile round trip. So off to Forks and what's left of the businesses. 

It's not a trip I like to make. Things are scary enough around here, and Forks is worse. You can't even go into the hardware store without finding flyers like this.

At least up here, the cruelty is just short-sighted and stupid. Nobody can get it through their heads that if the land by their houses gets clearcut, the resident predators, small and large, will have to eat the pets or the chickens, just to survive. 

Kind of sad, seeing the Twi-Squatch tours in Forks. The place had been making some money on that Twilight novel, but no series lasts forever. I dunno, maybe a vampire/Bigfoot tour would be kind of fun, in a campy kind of way. The Twilight store burned down, but that's the old wiring they have around here; sooner or later, everything will go down and it will be more empty lots.

Nice to see that the "Native to Twilight" store is still in business. The commercial stuff based on the book is slowly being crowded out by some really nice native art. Meyer and her agent kinda screwed up with how they treated the Quileute, but once they knew it, they got on the ball and made sure the tribe benefited. Now there's an hourly free shuttle down to LaPush; it's nice to be able to jump on the little bus and go down to the beach for a couple of hours. Better to do your research late than never.

And at least vampires are imaginary. The only people with weird teeth in Forks are because it's the meth capital of western Washington. Though, to give it its due, it's also the meth-treatment center. You can get the stuff or get off it; take your pick.

Clallam County and the cops - though they won't admit it except in whispers - are looking forward to the marijuana farmers and the resulting tax money, as they see it. I'd say it was also to get rid of the exploding meth labs - but we already know there are guys who can blow themselves up making budder.

Neah Bay's got pills, proving even the legal stuff can be hell. I guess one of the advantages of this place is the freedom of choice. 

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