Saturday, May 10, 2014

Driving With Zombies

Elk herd, not looking at zombies.
But then again, you never know.
Damn damn damn damn damn. 

Add a speeding logging truck and some old guy on - or off - his meds, and I'm lucky they put all those guardrails on Highway 112 a few years back. Otherwise, it would have been me in that gully by what's left of Pillar Point. Yay Triple A and towing insurance. Up here, you get 200 miles on the policy, or you don't bother buying it.

Now I'm going to have to save up to fix the car - and take the bus until Gary can get the parts. I mean, Fernandez Enterprises is the best place to take the car, now the zombie shop has had to run because of all the liens, filed-off VIN numbers and funny noises upstairs in the old warehouse where they kept their shop. 

But Gary knows I'm not really glad to see him except at the mirror-ball dances in the Sekiu Community Center. He shows up in his black mechanics overalls and dances with all the girls. The only other person who plays Pan to the dancing community is Scott the UPS guy. That's only when the Magic Negro music company - the former DJ - show up to scratch his tapes (Hey, I don't make up these company names; don't look at me). If it's Loose Gravel, we get Zombie guys who think it's cool to wear their rubber boots to a dance. Dudes. It's not 1895 any more. Or even 1950. 

At least when we hear that fast bluegrass - and the band has definitely improved since it got a new member - we know to keep our backs to the wall at a dance, and keep the cops on tap in case some guy thinks a face is part of the potluck. When The Soul Ducks are playing - the real down-and-dirty hard mud blues - all bets are off. You want to be really careful about allowing anybody to swing you for the Sugar Push. It's why the girls prefer to dance crazy in a bunch by themselves; safety in numbers.

Wouldn't you know I wouldn't have a car when I have to go to Port Angeles to do some real honest-go-godlets research at the Library? Our local library branch is pretty good, but it's all murder mysteries and books on how to rebuild your deck, skin game, and that back-corner graphic novel collection for the kids. "Back corner" is why they took out the bean-bag chairs, but I'd think that knowing the teens were back there snogging would at least put some parental minds at rest. I mean, in the library they can't really smuggle in beer before driving. Or getting the back of their heads bitten off when they're not paying attention.

Anyway, we're really in good shape with the Clallam County Transit. $3.00 all day, any bus, and pretty decent schedules, in and out of town. Will have to remember to take a flashlight, in case I need to flag a bus down on one of the out-of-town roads. And a hatchet.

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