Sunday, May 11, 2014

Back in the book, back on the road

OK, thank Goddess I found it. Guess it was in the stack all along, and I just didn't see it? Strange, I thought I went through this whole pile earlier and now it was on top of Are You My Mother even though I got it from the library Thursday before last and haven't read it since that first look through. But my book went missing before that, didn't it? Here's that last bit about the park. At least I didn't lose it out there. Those other two pages are gone, don't need that in here now. This is all about going ahead, the future, life, new skills I don't know I possessed, my craft, not looking back and being stupid. So easy to do, but I keep my word. It's on me now but I can take it and I will never let her down. Was that pink smudge on the back before? And was this page corner bent down like that?? OK, no smoke for awhile, at least I didn't actually lose it. Didn't have to ask about it and get Mom started again and thinking she has to send me back to the shrink. Again. 

At least now she knows that I know, and I'm ready to tell, so we're not bringing it up anymore and that's good. A bit sad it has to be this way, but it works. She knows I can take care of myself. Thanks for not being there, Mom. No, I do mean Thanks. Our families keep pushing our buttons because they installed them. She installed some good ones on Trashley. Me, I escaped. Knowing when to escape is another of my powers. She keeps saying I seem so old for my years. If she only knew.

Anyhow, The Face is so looking forward to graduation and will miss all those friends, yeah sure I do, and The Face says it is time to move on into the world and blah blah blah and I'm going to look for a job and I'm looking into SCCC.  As if I'd waste the money on that. As if I need a job now. They can believe whatever they want. I know what I'm here to hear, here to do, here to become. Just get away from the noisenoisenoise, the full of empty, the walking dead. Now that she's gone, there's nothing left here. Tomorrow I'm getting the mini and soon the money will be mine and then the wings unfold, and I'm off to land's end. And beyond.

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