Monday, June 23, 2014

Zombie Hunting Strategy

Just because the Zombies grabbed the rooster and a few hens and put them in a truck, and then tried to claim that starving mom cougar and her kid got them - doesn't mean the neighbors didn't see them do it. Man, I sometimes wish these Deadsters would just pick on people, because we're a match for them.

Oh, well. Everything runs on rumor to rumor up here. The guy who runs Triple Nickel farm claims the game warden helped him kill three homeless juvenile cougars by trapping them, shooting them in the box, and burying them. He sounded all proud of it, too. Maybe that's what drove the guy who trapped the neighbor's cat in Forks and shot it in the cage. He thought he was carrying on the west end tradition of wiping out the predators. 

Huh. Do early-stage zombies look human? The guy at the farm still looked pretty healthy. 

I wonder who that game warden was? Or if any of this is true. There's supposed to be a human body buried under the front porch of his place, too, but that's from a long time ago, and somebody else said those were pig bones. You can keep yourself entertained on the flittering stories up here all day long, and half the night during power-outs and the resulting oil lamp parties.

There's no use trying to figure it out, because anybody who looks like they're getting someplace, including kids who want to be artists, is laughed at for having ideas. I wonder if this is how they've always kept each other down. Or do people with ideas become vulnerable to zombie attacks. It's about the brains, after all.

Rumor-to-Rumor. It's all Rumor-to-Rumor. 

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