Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Time to fly

Well, it is about time. Schools's out forever. I am free. So hard to really grasp that, as I sit here in my forest for one last time, at least for a while. The mountains wait for me and as always, there is a halo of clouds over them. Showers predicted, not so bad. I'm from here. 

In a couple days I really will be FROM here. I get away from the ugly. The endless trains bringing unspeakably horrible things. Tired of the ugly. Too much ugly. I deserve beauty, that beauty I saw so many months ago. Tired of ugly, of people who act ugly, give off ugly, souls that are ugly. And everyone says that this is such a good city, the perfect city, climate, growth, wealth. The rest of the country must be hell on earth if Seattle is so wonderful. Am I the only one who sees what a sad place it truly is? 

Just have to make sure I have what I need. If I write it, maybe I will think of something I forgot. I don't need much. I'll learn what I need when I need it. That's another one of my skills. A small drawing tablet and some pencils. Can fit them in somehow. I'll never be as good as Alison but good enough. If only she could draw Angel's story but she has her own agenda, her own way to go. Never did finish her book but maybe they have libraries out there at the end of the earth. Just too much right now. I wish she could just sit down with me and smoke a bowl and realize we are just all in this together and it will all work out. Maybe I am supposed to draw it. I just need to learn how to draw. How hard can that be?

The thimbleberries are not quite ripe but where I am going, they will be. I think the only thing I am going to miss is this forest. But they have even better ones out there.

I am coming, Cougar. Wait for me.

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  1. Beautiful. Makes me homesick for a place I've never been before...